I know there have probably been 3000 threads on this but.... o well. What is the differnce between overdrive and distortion. Im trying to find a pedal and need to know what i want.

Thx for your help
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Overdrive pedals don't normally have very much gain compared to Distortion pedals because they are meant to be put infront of already distorting amps (or on their own, that's just a common use for them) whereas Distortion pedals have much more on their own and the amp doesn't have to be already distorting for a lot of distortion.

Overdrive = less distortion
Distortion = more distortion
no not oh well. the search bar is there for a reason. please don't keep making threads asking the same question when there is already the answer. take a little extra time to search for it. it will save u some typing
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Overdrive is designed to make the signal clip in the amp.
Distortion makes the signal clip in the box, not in the amp.
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is the differnce.
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