I bought an Ace 2 acoustic pickup the other day, and I've noticed that when I plug in, my 2nd string plays louder than all the other strings, I've tried adjusting the balance a bit and haven't noticed a difference, what should I do to try and fix this?
I just had this problem on thursday!! I fixed it by loosening up the saddle so that it wasn't pressing so har on the pickups. I could only hear the top 3 strings, and thought it was broken!! Give it a try! Good Luck!
sorry I forgot to mention, that it's not a saddle pickup, it's a sound hole pickup, but thanks anyways.
can you adjust the poles on the magnet if so second string down a bit all the others up a bit. you can also try dr rare zebra strings they are wound every other wrap with nickel and are supposed to be very even sounding thru magnetic pickups. good luck
yea, I can adjust the balance, I've put that one down, but never thought about raising the others.
So I adjusted the poles and it didn't really help much.

My strings are old so mabye a string change could fix it?

Any more ideas a greatly welcomed.