I have a Squier strat, thats a mod guitar for me. So far I've put a black pickguard on it, put a hot rails in it, split the hot rails, and put some strap locks on it.

I really don't know what to do next, I dont want to change the neck and middle pickup, because i mostly always use the bridge pickup.

I was thinking of replacing the tuners, but i have no idea what to put on it, i dont want 70 dollar locking ones.

So any suggestions on what else i can do to it?

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What about Custom paintjob, including replacement of the original Squier info/decals? (the last part is optional )
I was thinking of sanding off the squier name, but i like the black on black look so not changing the paint

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How about changing the bridge to a floyd rose so the tuners don't really matter(they tune with allen keys at the bridge, then you lock the nut).

I don't think you'd have to do all that much routing to the guitar, since it's already tremolo equipped.

And depending on your routing(i'm not sure about all squiers, but I know the bullets and strats i've worked on had HSH routes), you COULD put a humbucker in the bridge, your hot rails in the middle, and your strat pup stays in the neck.
I think a GFS vintage 59, rockfield fat ass, rockfield mafia, or seymour duncan JB would be nice.

Or you could go active.
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maybe consider a better version of the trem too- like an actual fender bridge. idk if it would drop right in though.
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Sorry i forgot to mention it has a moddified bridge, and no to the floyd rose, just dont like em.

I think im gonna go with some grovers, anything else guys?

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