I've been saving up for a long time now for a whole new rig and i finally have the money and the skills to buy it. I currently use a mexican strat out of a crate 120 watt amp and i dunno, its ****. Im ready for some real tone cause my bands starting to realy get good and i am myself also. I play in a rock baised guitar driven jam-band with much psycadellic influence. this is the rig ive been saving for let me know what you think and tell me what you know yourself about this equipment.

A PRS McCarthy Sunburst

Fender Twin reverb

I was also considering some new pedals. a analogman Bi-compressor, Crybaby 535Q, Boss DD-6, and a Ibanez Tube Screamer

I also already own a Boss Noise Supressor, and a Boss EQ but I was wondering if those pedals are still necessary for my new rig and i was thinking about selling them.

I also was considering buying the Framptone Talk-box to go along with with my EV N/D767a mic, But i dont know if im realy a talk box kind of guy

If anyone has any advice or comments they would be appreciated.
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Looks like a very nice choice of rig The Twin is mainly good for cleans and cleans only until VERY loud volumes though, so bear that in mind - if you play overdrive predominantly, there are better things to look for than a Twin + Tubescreamer
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you need money and skills to buy something?

I thought you only needed money
PRS guitars are very good and talk boxes are pretty awesome aswell, I also plan on owning them but in Satin vintage Orange and a Jim Dunlop Talk Box. That looks like a pretty good rig i'm envious of you because i'd like to have a complete one aswell.
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you need money and skills to buy something?

I thought you only needed money

its a new policy. They don't sell nice stuff to people who suck. They call it "Quality Control."
could you donate it to my charity? cleans like that break through a mix very well, shouldnt have any problems, maybe two different distortions for different sounds? tubescreamer might not be enough. and yes to the talk box, theyre so friggin cool
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you need money and skills to buy something?

I thought you only needed money

lol your right but i dont wanna spend $3000 on a rig if I dont think im good enough to make it worth my while.
i would get a super reverb instead, its only 40 watts.
the rhythm player in my band has a twin (his is a SF and has like over 100 watts though).
on 2 it was WAY too loud for our outdoor show. on 1 it sounded like ****.
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