Does anyone know how I can get a guitar tone like on Neil Young's Southern Man (the Rythym part)? What kind of guitar does he use and what effects?
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I know his amplifier is a Fender Deluxe (tweed), the guitar is either his Les Paul (which has a P90 at the neck an a firebird mini-humbucker in the bridge position), or a hollowbody Gretsch. I think it's the Gretsch, but I'm not quite sure.


I know nothing about a Gretsch.

/e: Not in english but I assume its a list of the guitars he has used http://members.tripod.com/~dangerbird/Albumlist/neilguitar.htm

As for the specific song Southern Man.. youtube vids show Neil playing it on Old Black.
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The Gretsch can be seen in the booklet to Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (well, the vinyl gatefold anyway. I don't know about the CD). He used it with Buffalo Springfield, I'm not sure if it lasted until the solo days or not.

But yeah, it's probably Old Black. Sounds like it.
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How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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