Ok, so for a while I was thinking about starting to play guitar, and, this may sound like a very stupid question, but should I get a left handed or right handed one?
I am left handed, and I am pretty much dominant with it, but, I was playing on my cousin's guitar, which was standard right handed, and I found that holding down the frets were easier, but when I switched it around to left handed, strumming up and down (is this called alternate picking?) was easier. Also, left handed did seem slightly easier to hold and use, but it is because I am naturally left handed.

So which one?

Oh, and I am going to buying an acoustic guitar hopefully.
Left handed, you could (like Duff Mckagan) force yourself to play right handed but whatevers easier and you can play better with works.
Go to a music store and try out both left handed and right handed models to see which feels better.
left handed is cool though
cos then you could do back to back duel solos like syn and zacky in sevenfold?

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Im left handed and I play right handed. I have trouble strumming sometimes tho. If you play right handed you have a bigger choice of guitars.
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More guitars are made for right-handed people instead of left handed people. Thats why you would have more choice, and right-handed guitars are usually cheaper.

Really the only way you can decide is go and try out a right handed guitar and a left handed guitar and see which one is more comfortable to hold. Strum the strings and place your fingers on the frets and play random notes. After you decide if your going to play left handed or right handed do your research! Dont let the sales person talk you into buying a guitar that day.
Do whatever is most comfortable for you. I am left handed and play a left handed guitar.
I am left handed but I play a right-handed guitar. I was given a guitar in high school so I just started playing that. At first it felt backwards to play, but after a few days I was used to it and I don't think I could play left-handed now. Unless you've been playing for a while, either way is going to feel awkward anyways so pick what you want to do.

Personally I'm glad I learned to play right-handed so I have a wider range of guitars to choose from, and it's easier to learn from books/videos since they will match how you are holding the guitar. But there's always the coolness factor of looking different. Just don't overthink it. You might be better off buying a cheaper guitar up front to try out one way, so if you decide to switch it's not a big financial hit.
You should probably buy a left-handed guitar and train your right hand to speed. (I'm really close to ambidextorous, because I trained my left to be able to work well on it's own.) But if you find a right-handed guitar that really catched your eye and you can synch your hands up with, then you're probably better off.
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I don't think it matters all that much - you've never played the guitar before so both hands are going to be prety much equally inept at both fretting and fingering. It's going to feel prettun un-natural whichever way round you try, it always does at the start.

Like people have said, there's a lot more right-handed guitars around than lefties.
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Play what feels best. Left handed guitars cost more and there are fewer of them to choose from. Also, and this may sound weird, but there aren't very many left handed teachers, either.

Most of how you learn is by watching. It's always more difficult to have to watch and then "turn it around" so it makes sense to you. If you are really starting from scratch, it may just be easier in the long run to learn right-handed. (golfers have the same problem).
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