Anyone played the Ibanez SA-120, or another model in the SA series? What's the sound like, how is the neck feel, build quality, etc..?

I'm looking for an Ibanez guitar (I like Ibanez) for rock, classic rock, not metal. I've seen the artist series, but I want something different from the cliche LP type.

Any thoughts on the SA-120, or another Ibanez guitar for rock? My budget is up to about $400.
I dont know anything about the Sa-120 but it looks pretty low-end to me. Sa260fm, however, is a great guitar for its price. It has that "True-Duo Bucker" in the bridge so its pretty versatile. Neck is thin too, but it may be "kinda" uncomfortable if you are not used to it, but if you want an Ibanes i guess you are used to it.
EDIT: I took a look at the Sa-120 and from the specs it seems pretty solid for the price...Cant say anything else about it though.
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It is a typical Ibanez axe for high gain stuff, it'll do blues and some jazz convincingly though, too. The cleans are not as good as with a guitar with single coils, but they are okay, the coil split function does help a little. Overall built quality is good and the trem is better than you'd expect in that price range.
The higher end SA guitars are better though, because of their HSS configuration wich provides more versatility. The real single coils sound way nicer than the coil tapped humbuckers on the SA120.