Hey guys, my track two is up! Not sure what I make of it myself but I'd appreciate some listens/feedbacks/adds if you are MySpacers of the music or normal kind yourselves!

The track is called Time Machine and it's the first you'll hear on there!

Thanks! And naturally I'll return the favour!

I'm an idiot and forgot the link first time... www.myspace.com/chrisbeevor
Thanks for reading
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Nice dude! Cool change up at about the 2:53 mark.
I think that the kinda chorused/flangey sound was cool for the intro, but after a while, I think that the effectiveness wears off a little bit. Might've given the riffs more impact to kill the effect and double track some dryer rhythm tones....Just my opinion of course....your own ears are always your best guide.
All your techniques sounded very solid and I dug your note choices in many spots. For just a bit of constructive crit, I would say maybe work on maybe your vibrato sounding just a hair more confident on the sustained notes & bends. In a few spots, it just felt like you were searching for the right note/intonation in your vibrato. Sorting out a little issue like that will really make your playing sound a lot more confident overall.

Like the tune though dude. Very nice.


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Ah, interesting. I wondered about that. Fortunately the effects were added on my computer so I can change that all without re-recording! So I may have a play... but thanks man, I've added you on MySpace and will proceed to checking out your tunes!
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Pretty good man Although its been said, the flanger / chorus tone does get a it repetitive. I think you should have kept that for intro only and maybe the chorus or something.
As the effects were on your computer maybe you should try out a few different ones. (pitch shifter?)

Just a bit curious but what do you use to record?

Overall its a 8 out of ten.

Keep up the good work man
I use a Line 6 mixer thing... UX2 I think. Runs into Garageband on my Mac. That's about it really. Everything else changes all the time! And thanks!
Thanks for reading
Damn cool riff at the beggining, I thought it was awesome.

Nice vibe. Rythm guitar tone was kinda poor, but solo guitar was very cool, tone wise and playing wise, nice job.

2:45 till the end = awesome.

Great song, if only had better drums(tone wise), bass and a better rythm guitar, it would be even better.