I am doing a physics case study, my topic chosen is tube vs transistor (solid state).
Anyway, i need someone to either give me a short explanation or link to a basic explanation of how solidstate amps generally work. All the info i found were paaaages long, and isnt a whole lotta use to me.

Help would be realy appreciated!
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Your doing a case study, but don't want to read the pages?? Your scaring me dude.
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bacicly, all i need is a brief explanation of how a transistor amp works, im not doing a study on how it works, im doing a comparison. Its just to give an outline for the intro....
Quote by scott58
Your doing a case study, but don't want to read the pages?? Your scaring me dude.

yeah man, why do you expect someone to do the work for you? i don't get it, read it and then paraphrase and condense it into your own words; that's what a normal person would do. and yeah, read the stickies.
jeez, i dont want people to do it for me, just wanted to know if anyone knew any good sites that had some info i could use...
Basically Tube amps distort more gradually and have smoother clipping but solid state typically goes from clean > heavy distortion with less smoothness
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