Grime-caked fingers digging into
An infant's innocent eye sockets
The chubby little ****
Shouldn't be wearing that locket
No tears run their course
Down its soft pink epidermis
But one could bottle up the slightly thinning blood
Into a small thermos

I told that slut to get an abortion
My ****ing sperm deserves better than her
I can't stand the scent of baby lotion
I'll go fishing with its flesh as lure

'Cause I'm pro-choice
Yeah, I'm pro-choice

The wailing, bloody howl dies down
When the child's trachea is crushed
By some hand-me-down, rusted hammer
That turns its body to mush
One could still see the baby's frozen face
Open-mouthed and purple-blue
In the unwashed blender spinning
Around with the previous night's food

She actually kissed me after I literally ate her son to ger rid of any evidence

I told you to get a simple abortion
My ****ing sperm deserves better than you
You better coat your putrid ass in baby lotion
And have some mouthwash ready, too

'Cause I'm pro-choice
Yeah, I'm pro-choice
'Cause I'm pro-choice
Yeah, I'm pro-choice
You are more than welcome to your opinions, however, let's be honest... this could be seen as pretty offensive and insensitive. I believe you have crossed a line of acceptable irreverence, thus I am going to close this. UG is a family-oriented site (Despite the Pit) and will remain so.