Hey everyone,
I just got my first tube amp a Laney LC15R a couple days ago.
Honestly, I am a little disappointed.

I can get some very nice crunchy sounds, but thats about it. The highs sound brittle and I am unable to get that smooth Santana sound that i want.

Should i change the speaker, get an OD pedal, or change the tubes?
Does the speaker just need to be broken in more?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

*EDIT: I have tried playing the amp at full volume which helped, but the tone still wasn't there. Any suggestions on speakers for a nice smooth tone?
Thanks again!
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the LC15R was always a very brittle sounding amp to my ears, and I'd bet a lot of that comes from the tiny little speaker in it.

Is there a speaker out on it? Plugging it into a 1x12 or similar would help you a lot!
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I agree, it's probably because of the speaker; a tube swap is always a good thing, too, because stock tubes usually sound really shabby.

But I have a question - do you crank the amp, or keep it at bedroom volume levels? It may sound mediocre when played on low volume, remember - tube amps are always better when set on full blast!
Well there's as said the very small speaker, but as zombiak said, you probably play it at low volumes. Santana's tone comes from basically cranking the amp to full, to get that smooth overdrive for his sounds. My tip is to get an attenuator and you can crank up the amp and then control the volume! Weber are great attenuators I can highly recommend!
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