I just got this A&L wild cherry, awesome guitar in pretty much perfect condition with decent action etc/no neck problems, but I just changed the strings to phosphor bronze and the low E and A strings produce a really annoying 'noise' when I'm playing open chords, like rattling aluminum fencing :S It sounds absolutely beautiful when playing barre chords and just even muting the bass strings while playing opens (but I can't do that all the time though, wherein the problem lies)

is it just because of the new strings? or could there be some weirdness with the nut? I would just wait it out for a few days otherwise, but the 'noise' seems to just drown out the actual chords when playing :/ any opinions?
It sounds like problems w/ nut or strings. Did you step down a gauge by any chance?
Moving on.....
nope, same gauge as the ones I removed(.12), but I don't think they were phospor bronze. And it seems to be a solid fit at the nut :/