I recently ordered a new computer, and was wondering how well I could run games (Age of Conan, Crysis) on a fairly old monitor.
It works but not as well (assuming the monitor actually works). Old CRT monitors will sometimes have the picture get slightly thicker of thinner when switching between something really bright and really dark. It can be annoying when there's lightning.
Unless it's really old, then there should be no problem.
However, nothing beats a good monitor with a high refresh rate!
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A monitor is a monitor. TFT and CFT monitors are HD quality, or pretty close to, anyway IIRC.
For gaming it depends on the refresh rate of the screen, CRTs are like instantaneous, but some LCD/TFT have pretty long refresh times which can suck for gaming, particularly fast moving stuff like FPS games.
tell me the monitor what it is the specs and pm me i will see if it will run also see if your montior is direct3d or directX10 compatible if not games will not run because games like your talking about need directX8-DirectX10 so pm me for help i will help U!