Well... mid frequencies that give an 'in your face' feel to the tone... A couple of months ago, some great people pointed me in the direction of Laney, Vox Valvetronix and Roland cube amps for a budget Gilmour sound... well, while i'm here, i was wondering... do these amps have alot of mid tone which add more 'colour' to the tone, or do they have more low / high tones which would allow for stomp boxes to do more of the colouring to the tone? (less midtone is what i'm looking for)

Thank you

(sorry for having another post on this page, i'd post it in there, but i cant edit the title)
All guitar amps have a fair bit of midrange - the guitar is a midrange instrument. Looks like the Laney VC30 would be good for you.
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