Well I'm trying to install my JE-1200 and new pickups myself in my RR3 but need some help. The JE is all soldered and everything but I'm not sure what to disconnect to add it. I know I still need the pickup selector but what about the 2 volume knobs and tone? It seems like they're connected in between the selector and pickups. Does the JE replace them? I know this should be pretty easy but I don't want to start disconnecting things until I know for sure. I have soldered before but have never rewired a guitar like this.

And the reason why I'm not taking it to anyone is because they would ship it out to another shop and then have it shipped back and it would cost a lot more than I'd like.

EDIT - Also the input jack is way farther away than what the wires on the JE will let me go. Should I just solder more wire in between?
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