I have a '02 Schecter C-1 Classic that I have never cleaned. The frets are getting like rust looking stuff on them, the fret board needs to be cleaned, the body doesn't even have its shine anymore, and worse of all the gold hardware is dull and seems to be faded it. The pickup covers have like rust on them that I just can't seem to get off. I need to clean this guitar and clean it well. What should I do? Mind you that the fret board has the Vine of Life abalone inlay so I don't know if I need to be careful cleaning that.
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for the frets a straight edge razor ran carefully(very carefully around inlays) cleans them well and for te body a quick coat of car wax works very well just dont leave on it on too long dunno bout the rust problems but be warned if u ruin ur guitar dont blame me
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The inlay will be fine. Go to your local guitar shop an pick up a Dunlop 65 Cleaning kit, or just buy some lemon oil for the fretboard, and use a high quality Glass cleaner with a polishing cloth to clean the body and hardware.

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Lemon oil for the fretboard (Only if its rosewood though) and buy some guitar polish for the body. Use fast fret in the future, it keeps your strings and frets clean.

And don't let it get filthy again!
Something I learned from when I was polishing the frets on my jackson is that if you use masking tape on the frets(I was taping it off so the polishing wheel didnt hit the board) when you peel the tape off it lifts out all sorts of gunk. So I would tape off the frets, polish with the frets with a dremel and jewelers metal polish, then take off the tape and then lemon oil the board.

It turns out looking amazing.
What about the rust on the pickup covers? I would really like to get that off.

WD40 on a rag if it's real rust..
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TS, I suggest getting some Fender Fretboard Conditioner (I assume your guitar has a Rosewood board). Keep a regular cleaning regimen so this doesn't happen again.