I just bought a Digitech RP150 for my little brother today. He's a beginner and was getting bored with cleans b/c his amp only has 1 channel so I thought this would make a good bday present. One problem, it doesn't seem to be working right. I plugged everything up and then turned it on, all the lights come on and it sounds like it's in bypass, but it's not. Literally every light is lit up. Anybody know what's going on here?
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Anybody know what's going on here?

Yep, your retarded.
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Well the thing is turning on, just not the way it's supposed to. It's supposed to go straight to the factory presets but instead all the lights are lit and none of the buttons are responding to anything.
this may or may not be of any help but i bought a pedal and had to preset it all myself. so maybe you will too.
hmmm... Well thats odd, tried the cables?

Well maybe you shouldnt have bought him a MULTIFX IN THE FIRST PLACE!
had the same problem with my rp100. are u using batteries? i had batteries in mine at first. thing is that they only last like three hours. if ur not plugged in its gonna look like ur pedals on drugs. plug it in and see if its better. that was exactly my problem hope it helps u.
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Is there any kind of a reset button.

rp's usually have some sort of reset. u'll have to look in the manual. but if u have any saved presets then all will be lost. not bad if u kno how to set up the rp and if its new it shouldnt be a problem.
I had to download a firmware upgrade to it, works fine now.

And to the guy talking about multifx, he's only been playing for maybe 3 months, I don't think a massive effects chain of single pedals is necessary now. I mean for Christ sake, he has a $100 Squier and a $75 dollar 8 watt SS Peavey, he needed something other than cleans.
If its a digitech multieffect it could be X-mas tree-ing (You know, like X-mas lights). I get the same problem with plenty of digitech and behringer stuff- especially this old behringer mixing console I used to use. Their low-end stuf is really poor quality and as far as I know there is nothing you can do about it except buy somthiing else or get the store to replace it.