The new RP series digitech has is amazing. I myself just went out and bought the RP 350. When i first got it I was immediatly impressed. I have only been playing for about 1 year, so i am kind of experimenting with the sound i want. This effects processor has helped alot. It also came with a disc that had a program called x-edit, which is a program where you plug your pedal into the computer, and you can change the effects on the computer. Also if you are a member on digitechs web sight, you can download other peoples presets, which is pretty fun to mess around with. The other program it came with was Cubase LE4, which is a music production software. Since the pedal plugs directly into your computer, you don't have to mess with mic's (unless your going to add lyrics) at all, so the sound is supper clear, and you can overlay a billion times, and adjust each overlay. The only trouble i have is uplading the stuff i have recorded onto i tunes, or on this web sight. So i was wondering if anyone new how to? But over all its awesome. You should check it out if you are looking for a simple to use, great sounding multi effects processor.
haha i got a hella old rp80

shabby as hell and only a couple of good presets
guess theyve changed
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you have to mix it down to a standardized format (i.e. mp3 or wav or m4a or something like that). I'm not too familiar with the software you have but I know other programs call it "rendering" or maybe "exporting"; basically it combines all your tracks into a regular sound file you can play through WMP or iTunes or whatever.
I have an RP100A Artist. If digital sounds bother you you might not like it...its definitely fun to play with though, once you learn the controls pretty well. Lots of sounds, I even put my keyboard through it sometimes.

Definitely doesnt compare to higher end effects pedals sound wise.
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