Well, maybe not br00tal, but at least pretty high gain. I'd like to have it versatile though. I have a Laney VH100R, which is a versatile head.

I'm looking at either a Vader 2x12 ($450 brand new), Avatar 4x12 ($450 brand new, but with a tolex blem), Bogner 4x12 ($450 ebay used).

The Vader has Eminence speakers, while the Avatar and Bogner are Celestion Vintage 30s. Also, the Vader is a 2x12, while the others are not (although, i suppose i could get an Avatar 2x12 for around $350-$400)

What are the pros/cons of each, and which would you pick? Any other suggestions are also fine. Your opinion on 2x12 vs 4x12 is also appreciated.

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Out of those, the Bogner because it's a good deal
Otherwise it'd be a Vader 4x12 for me (currently thinking about getting one)
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I'm just bought a vader 2x12. It's on its way. I think that would be your best option.
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So one vote for the vader 2x12, one for the bogner 4x12. I wouldn't like to spend the extra for the vader 4x12, unless it made a huge difference, but I dont think it really does.
Ibanez Xiphos XPT700
Laney VH100R
Epi Les Paul (SH-1 '59 neck, SH-11 custom custom bridge)
Out of those i'd probly go with the vader 212 first, then maybe a avatar 212. i've heard the avatar 2x12s they sell that have one celestion v30 and then one celestion 70th anniversary(not sure what the exact name is) is an amazing combo and good for all styles. otherwise i've also heard that vht fatbottom cabs are br00tal, i'm not sure if they have a 212 version of it, but i think they might
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Bogner Ubercabs are supposed to be bloody amazing for metal. Vader's are sweet also. In a band situation i would probably get a 4 X 2 personally, because of the fuller sound.
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have you ever carried a 4x12. A 2x12 will only be slighly lower in volume and it will be much less of a hassle. From what ive heard vaders are good if you have the money. But in all reality the v30s are known for the metal tone so you cant go wrong with either of them.
if you can get a Bogner 4x12 for 450, and it isn't like 300 shipping or something, I would grab that in a heartbeat. The Vaders are really nice cabs too, but that's a killer deal on the Bogner.
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