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Sorry if this has been done but I ran a search and it didn't turn up anything recent. That being said what don't you like about your guitar? I have a Jackson Kelly that I LOVE (bought it used for a super deal), but it's not perfect. So I don't like:

1. The floating bridge (LFR). It's a cool piece of equipment I just don't need and it makes restringing harder.
2. The paint job. Gloss black shows every single smudge and fingerprint.

That's about it I guess. Now spill it! No guitar is perfect!
Somehow the vol. pots on my Gib LP got ****ed somehow, I dunno how.

P.S. there's a guitar forum
The strings aren't new.
And it's gloss black as well.

Luckily I'm selling it soon and getting a Schecter C7Hellraiser white
1. It's not mine, it's my mom's.

B. It's a Squier.
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It sounds bad and is a general piece of crap, even after a pickup upgrade. It was dirt-cheap and plays fine so I can't complain too much though.
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i don't like that its so great it gives me a boner when i play it.

All guitars do that its the vibration. You can do better than that.
I got dead spots on my g-string when I put on higher gauges (.11's at the moment), and I need to swap out my bridge pick-up. Other than that it is a beauty.

[EDIT] I do need some more sustain.

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no floyd...
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the reversed headstock, it just confuses me.
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There's nothing I don't like about my Ibanez ATK400 except that I don't have a 5 string version to match.
I like my guitar, It's easily given me my moneys worth.

My amp on the other hand, sucks major balls.
i hate the bottom of my bass bridge where the G string goes in coz its sharp and i ALWAYS cut my hand and get blood all over my strings


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The Vine of Life inlay on my Schecter C-1 Classic. I prefer the vector inlays on my C-1 Plus.

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Gibson LP Studio - Silverburst
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Jackson RR3, but the end of the top spike snapped off completely during transit once, so now it's repaired very badly using superglue and model paints :/
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Also I wish more models came with maple fret boards, I dislike the fact I can't find a guitar that I want with a maple fretboard
intonation problems + floyd rose = dead guitar

it still plays good and has a decent sound. I just can't make anybody orgasm with my high pitched leads now
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the high-e string is ****ing with me

Dude it's the high E. It is invincible.

+1 to anyone who gets the reference.

It sometimes sounds fuzzy or static...any reasons why? Any remedies?
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1. Haven't figured out why holding chords is a little more difficult then it should be
2. The sustain is ****ty
3. The pickups don't have individual volume controls
Firstly, I got it real cheap so I've never expected it to be top class. I don't like how crap some of the hardware is. The bridge screws sheared of suddenly and unexpectedly. The screw the holds that knob for the strap is tiny and on the verge of being pulled out. I haven't got around to putting in a larger screw. I don't like how the pick guard is shaped. There is a long knot in the wood grain you can see and it looks terrible. It has a floating bridge with none adjustable intonation things. It only has one set of pickups.

Yeah, it's real cheap.
The only problem with mine is the action is set a bit low so there's major fret buzz on the 12th fret of the low E string (never realized how much I use that damned fret), and not-so-major fret buzz in a couple other places. Also I bought the guitar from my friend and he hadn't played it in a long time so it's got dust I can't get to without taking off the strings which I'm not going to do until one breaks.
edge 3 =/
crappy pickups
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Blizzard Pearl paintjob doesn't look very good in my opinion. I used to like it, but now I don't know
I have an Agile AL-2500.

There are two things I don't like about it.

1. Fret access isn't great.

2. The pickups aren't the best.
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i miss my old strat's whammy bar.....
(les paul btw)
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edge 3 =/
crappy pickups

Ah, the bane of every low-entry Ibanez
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