So after a month since I bought my guitar, I found out that many people give alot of bashing to Stagg guitars. Now if i had known that earlier I would have saved up more cash and bought something better. So i bought a SW203N because it was 355LT which is aprrox 177,50 USD, and that was the best quality acoustic I could find,(the cheaper ones had warped necks, glued in tuners, and completly unstable tuning) in my price range. The only problem I had since was buzzing on the 6th string, but i fixed that with a nail file, but everything else is good, stays in tune, good sounding, and the action is good. But I have a question what do you UG'ers think of the SW203N guitar?
I think Staggs suck.

I had one; the neck snapped like a piece of balsa wood.
Stagg's aim is to build affordable instruments to beginner musicians. They achieve this by using cheap materials and electronics thus creating a cheap instrument albeit an instrument without many of the features and qualities more advanced musicians appreciate. In a nutshell this instrument is fine for you if youve only been playing a month. In about a year when you get a bit better you should move on to a better instrument.
I ated them all.
I got a Stagg, it's OK but now I upgraded and I'm giving it to my friend who is about to start learning :p Normally I just assume that if you can't tell whether a guitar is particularly good or bad, then you aren't at a level where it matters! My Stagg has been fine so far, but it's just a few things now that are annoying me about it!
i hear alot of bad things about them too but i have a stagg acoustic and i love it..... my neck is still in tact and it sounds great to me but if you like it it shouldnt matter what other people think of it because thats there opinion.
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Do they still make "Scratch-n-sniff" stickers? That'd be kewl, and if you get bored with playing, you can just smell your guitar. lol