Ok, I've been playing lately and noticed that my pick catches on the strings. Yes, I use the tip of the pick. Yes, I angle the pick, and no, I don't dig in with it.

So, would getting thicker strings help out? If so, could someone please recomend me some?

I use this thickness - 9; 11; 16; 26; 36; 46 - of Hybrid Slinky strings.
What thickness of pick do you use?
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Try to change the pick. I use Tortex .88 with the 9- 46 strings.
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What thickness of pick do you use?

Currently I use either Heavy Fender Celluliods or 1.14 Tortex's. I also have .60 Tortex, should I use them or should I just go buy, maybe some .80's?
i play beefy slinkys.
i've played with my friends 2.0 mm bass pick, none of those problems.
i also thrash the **** out of them, i play really hard.
they will be considerably more difficult to play, but they also will affect your tone a bit, makes it... idunno, fuller?
i would recommend them.
is the pick worn out?
cuz if it is, there may be little groves on the edges which can catch on the strings easily