I was looking into a new combo amp with about 100-150 watts of power so i can hear myself again over the drums and guitar in band practice (my guitarists' amps are nothing amazing). I'm thinking about a warwick sweet 15.2 and feedback i can find for it seems good. I like the look of the tone shaping control and also the portability, but since i haven't had a chance to try one, I don't know for sure.


In case this helps, i like to play with a punchy, trebley tone, but nothing distorted.
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I'd recommend you find one and try it, but they're decent amps.

I've tried but I don't really have that option. even if I did find a shop that stocks them, I couldn't try them out without the intent of buying. because I've promised to buy off an internet site, this is also impossible (very long story, but trust me, I owe the guy who owns said site).
Music shops don't care if you come in and just try something out. Telling them your just looking around for amps. TRUST ME when I say you want to try it out before you buy, you might end up not liking it, and it's a lot better to catch it now, then after you've already bought it.
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Don't get a Behringer, they are very unreliable and they lie on the advertised wattage that they have there. Hence why they are cheap.

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I owna 15.1 (4 band EQ) and can only say positive things about it. The Ashdown MAG 300 is also popular for this price range.

However, even though the Ashdown has more out the box power (180W) I would say the Warwick has more volume until you get an extension cab for the MAG 300.
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If you want a a trebley tone,I'd suggest something with smaller speakers, like the Ashdown MAG.

yes, that was another one I was considering, thanks for the help. i'll see if I can try both out, if not probably get the MAG as i can't see any other good alternatives.
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ignore that, don't go near behringer if you can help it
i bought one because at the time it looked to good to be trueand it was, the amp sucks
but on topic them warwick amps are apparently really nice
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