I personally prefer the accoustic version over the electric, simply because the electirc is SCREAMING fo accompanying tracks... drums, bass.

The song provides a satisfying chord progression, something I really dig in any song.

It seems to me that this is a work in progress.
It really has the potential to become a rather kickass song.

keep it up,
I dig it.


In both versions, the intro sounds choppy, and one the acoustic version it sounds like your "popping" the string a lot.
I like the effects you have on the electric. It gives it a more "dreamy" feel and wraps the listener in better than the acoustic.
The transition into the distortion on the electric could be better. The way you played those last few clean chords sounded like you were gonna go straight into something, but it just died down.
The distortion part really doesn't do anything for the song as a whole either. You could just go from the clean part, put a little overdrive on, and don't wait, just go straight into the overdriven part... Would probably fit better.

I liked the electric ending so much more than the acoustic.

It's a good song idea and has some potential, but right now it sounds unfinished.
Although I do like the electric version better, the accoustic had a lot of potential. On the accoustic version there was a lot of buzz and string popping, but I think it would sound cool to start off with accoustic and then move to the tremolo electric with drums.