If it's very cheap, take it. Haven't seen it before, check the Ibanez site. Either way, looks pretty good.
Seems pretty good to me! Not sure about prices, but I know it's a old Japanese Ibanez with a mahogany body and neck. How much can you get it for?

EDIT: The closest review on HC I could find was on the CN200. Knowing Ibanez, the CN250 would probably be a higher end version!
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I have checked the site, I can't find any that are the same. Maybe it's too old? Also the price given to me was $250 dollars.
It's an Ibanez CN250, seems pretty good but I can't find much info on the actual specs; people on other forums seem to think they're pretty good. As for monetary worth I have no idea but if it's going cheap I'd take it.

It's definitely a model they don't make anymore; they don't even have a CN series anymore, maybe if you email Ibanez they can tell you what the original spec were?
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eh it kinda looks like an ibanez artist
and these are the prices i found on guitar center

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Those CN250's were made in the mid and late 70's, and are supposedly 'pretty good for the money'. They're not exactly pro-quality though. But for 250, I say take it.
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I'm not exactly pro Just going to be using it in a small band for small venues. Thank you all very much.
In 2006 this guitar was worth 400-500$. It probably hasn't changed much since then. So if it's cheaper than that take it. It was released as the top guitar of the concert series by Ibanez in 1978, so it's pretty old, but if it's in good shape then I'd take the deal.