ok so i wanted to know if i have a guitar that doesnt have a trem bridge is it possible to put on a floyd rose. cuz i know you have to have routing done and then liek the springs in the back to control tension for it. and vice versa. can i switch a trem bridge for a normal bridge and have everything still work exactly the same?
Replacing a standard 'stop tailpiece' with a tremolo, especially a Floyd Rose type is MAJOR surgery. And expensive. And there's absolutely no going back. Best to do what all guitar junkies do; amass different guitars to match the various styles of music you play.
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No they arent interchangable. Its either a fixed bridge or its a FR. Theres a big piece of wood routed out for the FR right where the fixed bridge would mount. And its been asked many times it aint cheap to get a FR and have it put in.