OK Right off the back this is my very first customization, well Idk if I will customize it, if it's worth the $$$. But anyway I've got a Hartke SB-15 piece of junk bass sitting in a corner. My very first bass, and well, I wanna make some changes. So u all know this is my first customization so give me advice throughout the way.

First off these are the things I need to have:
  • What type of Paint
  • Need to know what Clear Coat to use
  • Best Paint spray can or whatever
  • What type of sand Paper
  • Or anything else I need

These are the things I'm thinking about adding:
  • Killswitch (either switch or button you tell me or I was thinking about using a Fender S-1 knob)
  • New Bridge
  • Tuning Knobs
  • Or any of your suggestions

Ok I will take all your suggestions and things you think may work so please give me all advice and suggestions!