my acoustic has gotten pretty dirty, so how do I clean it (with everyday supplies, none of that fancy stuff you have to buy) without damaging the wood abd finish?
Quote by _Tim_
DAMP cloth and quickly dry it- VERY quickly.

Yep, but SLIGHTLY damp, so that the moisture evaporates before you even need to wipe it off. I've even gone one step farther. I've waxed my acoustic in the past, and to remove any waxy buildup and start over, I've used a little rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth. It evaps fast as hell, and takes everything except the finish off. NOT for use with satin or flat finishes! Gloss only! If in doubt, water only!
Don't do pledge,polish CAN knacker the finish on some guitars.

Ideally strings should be changed bi-monthly,monthly will suffice.

I do mine every couple of months because I'm poor.