yea so, i want a wah and i dont know how to create a criteria to judge it

im gonna try some wah pedals out, when you try out a wah what do you usually play to check it out? scales? songs? chords? this will be my first wah so i wanna make sure i like it, im in to classic, modern, and alternative rock...i like metal (not that horible screaming crap, but senseable stuff like metallica or system)

anyways, could you give me some pointers? thanks

by the way im probably gonna look at a zakk wylde sig or ibanez weeping demon or maybe 535q cause i heard its awesome
the pedals you want to look at are all really good from what i've heard. i just have a plain old dunlop wah, and it gets the job done
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One of the main tings to do is set your mind on some riffs, or whatever that need a wah, and play the same things with each wah you try out, it's that way that you will realise the main differences between each.

Tech-wise the weeping demon & some dunlop crybabies, among others, are step-triggered, which means you don't have to press the pedal to push a switch, the wah starts after you put your foot on it and you push it like a 32th on an inch down, then you have your normal wah range, you just have to be careful at first not to rock it back too much to turn it on and off while you play, it sounds like dog ****. Some players like it better with a footswitch, taht way they are sure they won't screw naything even if they push back & forth like hell, but other like it to know their wah is turned on whenever they need it just by stepping on it, your call for that one.
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