so this is a drawing of the plug of my amp. i was wondering if i connect a copper wire to the metal of the plug which i think its supposed to connect to earth, (in red) to a copper bar and stick it to the ground will i get my amp grounded??????if thats possible?if you can mention cheap ways of getting something grounded please tell me..
the problem is that the garage where i practice with my band doesnt have a earth connection...lol
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Uhhh... No. That won't do anything. There's already a ground inside the wall socket that is connected to your house's ground, which is connected to the electric company's ground, etc.

Why do you ask? Is there a problem with the amp? WTF do you mean by "if you can mention cheap ways of getting something wired please tell me.. "? Why does no one bother to type correct spelling and grammar?

You're from the Pit, aren't you?

I'll try to help, but only if you promise to tell me WTF you're talking about.
OHHHH! Ok, sorry about all that.

You could afro-engineer a ground by tying a wire from the gound prong of the plug to a copper cold-water pipe coming from a sink or washing machine or water heater. That's the only thing I can think of unless you have a grounded extension cord.
im more familiar with 3 prong plugs, but if you know what each prong does then you should be able to jerry rig something. im not familiar with codes and such where you are, but i know that here your pipes are probably grounded. so if you know that one of those things is for a fact ground, running a wire from that to a large pipe should ground it. its not going to be super well grounded or anything, but it will be grounded somewhat.

but honestly, if you arent comfortable working with electricity then dont do it. there shouldnt be any current in the ground wire, but caution is always wise.
Unless the garage was built 40 years ago and has 2 prong outlets it has a ground. Never mind you have some of that crazy european electric. Screwing around with electric when you dont know what your doing is a good way to bust your amp or worse.