So I was in Steve's Music Store today (3 location instrument store in Canada)...
And I was in the area with a few Schecters. One of the Schecters was a strat-copy guitar...

The specs were as follows

-Brass locking tuners
-Brass looking (or gold plated, but looked brass) trem strat bridge.
-Quilted maple top (with a dark purple tint)
-Black strat pick guard
-HSS pup configuration... they looked like EMGs (the clean black) but they might not have been.

This guitar is not on their website, but was a joy to play and sounded ****ing awesome through the Fender Princeton I was playing through...

Any Info?

The guitar cost about $1100 CDN.
I suggest searching google and typing stuff like "Schecter Strat Copy" or something. Search images as well. I tried it out but there are a lot of different ones to look at, it'd be hard to tell which one is the one you're talking about.
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It might be some kind of ESP.
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