Uhhh, it doesn't really work like that. Just go to a music store and try out some acoustic guitars in that price range and pick what you like best.
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I would avoid the Epi. version, as I feel that there are better in that price range. The aesthetics of the epiphone might be similar, but you'll sacrifice on the sound. Go try guitars. In your price range, Alvarez and Takamine both make some solid axes.
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Could anybody tell me what acoustic guitar makes the same sound as this one for no more than $300:


I know it's a Gibson, but I can't afford that. Is there an acoustic guitar that will sound just like it?


Any guitar that you play and hear live is going to sound different than what you hear on youtube. There's a lot of stops that sound has to make before you hear it when watching these videos. Your best bet? Go to a guitar store that carries Gibson and find one similar to the one she's playing. Listen to it live very closely, then try out some other guitars that have similar sound within your price range.