Hey there

hope all is good.

i have an amp that i need to give back to a friend

and its randomly broke =/

and it liek vibrates n buzzes

not good sound horrable and is so noticable.

the speak looks fine....

i duno what to do..... carnt affort a new speak or find one for that matter

of any one can help, advise or have an idea....

MSN: w.u.d.z.y@hotmail.co.uk

Myspace: www.myspace.com/wudzy2006

or just return on this..

cheers wudzy x
What amp is it?
Call me Wes.
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whoa, dude. you really don't need to post the same topic multiple times.
darkarbiter poses an important question: what kind of amp is it?
Randomly broke? Vibrates and buzzes? Did he leave his e-mail so we would just e-mail him and he doesn't have to watch the thread?