This is the first version of Herald, a song I have been slowly getting the band to start playing. I have so many influences in this song, mainly Japanese, but I think you guys might really enjoy it. The beginning starts out mellow backed by some strings then kicks in to end right now with a huge arpeggio buildup (which is my favorite part by far.)

C & C welcome, and maybe some pointers as to where to take the song from here (Its about 75% complete).

Heral (v1).ZIP
I think it's too short. Granted, you said its not finished, but if its 3/4 done, I still think it'll be too short.

As it is, its cool, but you need to change the volumes of everything. It gets a bit muddled and I cant hear any of the nifty guitar work.

Despite these issues, that was still cool. Finish it.
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Yea it is kinda short, but I did really add repetition where the verses were, I just try to get all my ideas down. Thanks though

and ya its probably about half way completed.