Im lookin for anything under $1000 bucks. I don't think i'll be running anything extreme on it, just something to record my songs on with a couple synths added on. As long as it doesnt get super slow i'll be fine with it.
From my dads experence laptops that cost less than 1000 preaty much suck. My laptop was like $1200 and its few year old model.
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i was trying to stay away from the macbook... but if it really is that good maybe i should reconsider?
I'd go for a laptop with at least a 15.4" screen. You can easily upgrade the RAM yourself. And stick with Intel Core 2 Duo equipped laptops. Other than that, most any laptop will work...HP, Gateway, and Dell are solid (HP is the best overall IMHO).
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Also, look elsewhere in this forum. This very topic seems to have come up at least twice just this past week.

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HP makes some food laptops. My mom got one a while back. Dual core processor (Intel I think), 3GB RAM, and a fair amount of storage although I would want a 500GB or larger external drive if running a laptop...

keep an eye on slickdeals.net

What are you planning on recording and what interface are you looking to get?

And +100 on searching the forms. This question does seem to pop up quite often along with many others...
im just going to get some rough recordings of my own songs.
i'll probably get the toneport KB37 [the one that doubles as a MIDI controller]
thanks guys. i guess ill look through the forums now.
I can't recommend a specific model, but the three most inportant things here are CPU, RAM, hard drive speed.

I'm running a Dell Latitude D620, Intel Core 2 Duo e6750, 2gb RAM, and a 300 Gb 7200 RPM drive and I haven't hit a barrier hardware wise. So something along these lines for a PC would do ok. Note: I only record 2 tracks at a time max (limitation of my Fast Track Pro).

In the Mac arena the same advice still holds true.


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i run at my studio a laptop duo core2 setup,2 gigs of ram w/ xp with DUAL display and a firepod (yes thats 8 tracks simultaneously) straight onto the 80 gig built in hard-drive without any hiccups...Mac this!