Nice cover, the notes should really be played smoother though at the beggining, with less articulation. Good job
Thanks guys, although its a little weird being critiqued by someone who wasn't born when "Passion..." was released! I know Steve plays the notes dead flat in the intro but I just can't bring myself to play without vibrato!
Very nice!!! Super tone dude! And I like it more with vibrato... It adds more soul...
My only gripe with your cover is the phrasing on some notes, should be smoother, more fluid.

Other than that, your tone is great, what's your gear?
Thanks guys appreciate it, I'm a bit rusty after only playing electric guitar again since March after a 10 year break with only my trusty Takamine to keep me company the last 4 years! I used my Patrick Eggle Berlin into a Jim Dunlop Crybaby into my Vox AD50VT and then direct out into my Tapco audio interface into my macbook pro. I recorded using Abelton Live 7.
Nice tone, nice playing, nice recording and the improv at the end was great too.
Besides being a guitar player, I'm a big fan of the guitar. I love that damn instrument. Steve Vai

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