Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions concerning my project. As some background information, I am making a bass with a humbucker bridge pickup, split coil middle pickup, and single coil neck pickup all controlled with a 5 way pickup switch, 1 tone contol knob, and 1 volume control knob.

Here are my questions

#1: What kind of potentiometer should I use for the tone control, 250k or 500k?

#2: Can anyone link me a wiring diagram of an HSS strat with only one tone control that I can copy for my bass project?

#3: Should I invest in any special potentiometers (special tone control, more powerful tone control, built in effects, etc.) for my tone knob, or is it not worth it? If so, please reccomend to me the pot.

#4: Any reccomendations for bridge or tuners? I am really looking for gold plated and low price.

Ill update with more questions as they come.
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1) Either is fine, though most basses use 50k or 100k. Since you'll have a humbucker, i'd go with 250k.

2) See above.

3) Not really worth it. A plain old 250k pot is fine.

4) Browse stew-mac.

Also, I'd avoid a neck pup altogether; it'll be too bassy to be of any use (you could move it to just behind the middle pup, though).
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