OK,I'm looking on the internet for some new pickups..And I came across a Dimarzio humbucker for my bridge position,and there are two options.One is regular,and the other is F-space.Iv googled and found mixed answers,so I'm wondering which I need to get.I have a Fender standard HSS btw.Thanks in advance.
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you need F-spaced for your fender

F-spaced= Fender-spaced, Floyd-spaced.
when you have a tremolo type bridge.
Alright,thanks man.That answer was pretty straight forward,and is actually the best one Iv gotten.
What doesn't kill you,only makes you pissed off.
f-spaced is 2 1/16'' measurement from 1st to 6th pole piece. for fenders and floyd/trem equipped guitars, they use f-spaced. for some hardtails, when the nut is 43mm, they use f-spaced pickups. you might come acroos seymour duncans website. their f-spaced pickups are called 'trembuckers. '

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