We are a band from the Midwest Illinois. We are currently working on a full length cd. We have been a band for about 5 years, but, have only been Lethal By Default since August of 2007. We used to be named Graven-Suicide, but didnt see much progress over the 4 years we had that.

We currently only have one song on our Myspace. We have like 6 others recorded. What we are doing is home recording them and sending them to a studio to be mastered and what not. So "Fat Chicks A *****" is the only song that has been finished, we just sent 4 more songs to them though.

Also, we arnt just a punk band. We are proud to say that we are the most diverse band in our area, we are kind of predominately metal, but we have a few punk songs and a few rock songs. Pretty much we play what ever comes to our mind.

So, check us out...i think i prostituted ourselves good enough...lol