Hey what's people i hope your doing good.
Me and my band, Dreadful Nights, made a quick video of ourselves.
And it would be great to get some feedback from someone who doesn't know us and will give us an honest opinion on the song.... your time is very appreciated!!!

I'd qualifie our band as metalcore, but call it whatever you want. This is our only song without singing in it. If you don't like it could you at least fast forward to the DI DI DAM DI DI DOO part. I love parts like that lol.

anyway here's the link


oh and the subtitle were only added for fun and entertainment.
wow...dang u guyz r pretty hard. watched da vid. good instumentals and da screaming waz pretty tite. tho i couldnt understand wat u were sayin when u werent screamin...but i lyked it okay keep it up