Anyone got a Fender guitar finished in their Sienna Burst? I've looked at pictures, and some pictures show it being very red, others show it being very brown, and in some pictures it almost looks like a totally clear natural finish. What actually is it?

I quite like the look of some of the American Standard Stratocasters in Sienna Burst, but if it turns out that finish is actually quite different to how I think it is then I'd rather not bother. Sadly no stores here stock them normally and they won't order one in unless I commit to buying it, so I can't take a look at one myself before purchasing it.
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I think they vary. I've seen them at the local guitar center and here and they are a tad reddish. It was a toss up between the sienna or the glacier white.
The local store down here has one of the new American standards in that finish. From what I remember, it looks very similar to the pictures online. (The musiciansfriend ones at least) It is pretty red.

And if you're getting the new MIA Standards, they're very nice guitars. The one I played was by far the nicest guitar I've ever played. Ever.