I'm planning on either taking private singing lessons, and taking choir. I was just curious as to which would be more 'worth-while' and effective. I have some natural vocal talent already, but I would like to improve. Help me out here, which would be better?
Private teacher.
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SINGING LESSONS! For the love of god man, seriously. I was a 'choir boy' for nearly my entire schooling life. And then I decided to start taking serious singing lessons senior year of highschool and into college. I took nearly a year and a half for me to get out of the 'choir boy' sound.

I will say that choir is excellent if you need to work on blending, sight reading, and some great discipline techniques. You're also placed into more positions to perform, which is wonderful if you're susceptible to stage fright.

But in the end, you will thank yourself much more if you decide to take singing lessons. So best of luck to ya!
Well, I'd suggest starting out choir, seeing as it's (generally) free, you'll learn musical theory and harmonizing, and people will boot you if you're not actually talented.
Once you have done well in choir work, THEN start taking vocal lessons.
I also recommend using a piano/keyboard and a CD or MP3, and learning some songs by ear.
Nothing helps get your voice on track better IMO.

Also, church choir.
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If you or your parents are willing to pay for private instruction and you have the time to dedicate to it outside of school, go for that. You might want to join the choir anyway (I'm assuming it's a school class), though.

One big difference, one that my high school teacher mentioned several times, is that, when you sing in a choir a lot and alone very seldom, you lose your ability to sing alone. I'm sure you can build back that ability, though, unless you've aged considerably, but as (I'm assuming) a teenager, that should not be a concern of yours.
Do both! Choir is a great platform to put all of your lessons into practice, to learn to blend and sing in a group, and also as a chance to perform in front of an audience, and lessons will help you to stand out and to learn how to sing as an individual.
I'd say do both, but if you can only pick one I'd take private lessons.
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