Ok, so I got a Schecter Ultra III a little while ago, and it sounds alright, but I want to replace the 3 mini humbuckers with 3 EMG full sized pups. you can look at the wiring diagram here. What I want to know is what all I need to do to make it work before I actually buy the EMGs. I was thinking of 2 89s and an 81TW for the EMGs.

Thanks in advance.
I know the pups would fit, but are you talking about the electronics. I know I'll need to rout more space. Just need someone to give me a good idea of how much adn where.
well im not sure how big those mini humbuckers are but if you routed the cavaties for the pickups any more there would be no space to screw all 3 humbuckers in there.
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I compared them to a regular humbucker and it's only somewhere between 1/8"-1/4" smaller. I could fit the pickups, I'm pretty sure.
you would also need to rout out some space to fit in all three batteries. i doubt you'll have the space in the control cavaties. and even if you did you wouldn't want the batteries touching the other wires. so just pick out a space you'd want to rout to fit the batteries in. if you want battery boxes warmoth sells them http://www.warmoth.com/hardware/parts/parts.cfm
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You're right, there. Thanks for the link. There's a nice spot right above the pups that's covered by the pickguard. I'm pretty sure that'll be big enough.
You only need one battery to run EMGS wont last as long when running 3. If you can find space for the battery why would you need to route for the electronics. Hook the pickups to the existing switches and replace the pots and jack.
nevermind, the body's not thick enough for the boxes. I could go with flat mounts though...that'd be ugly. I've got a 5"x5" face where the body's thicker than the flat mount that's not already routed. I couldn't put 3 flat mounts in that. what about a clip?
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You only need one battery to run EMGS wont last as long when running 3.

and dont worry about the battery that parts connected for you

you just need somewhere to put it in.
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Leave out the middle pickup and put the battery or batteries there. Or find some place under the pick guard for it.