thats pretty cool!
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Pretty good, nice arpegiated intro solo. Riffs are also pretty diverse and heavy with a lot of cool harmony jumps. I like the riff at around 2:20. Would be nice to see a more difinitive version of this song.
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I really enjoyed that. The recording sounded pretty good to me and the drums were well done. The guitars all sound very thick, but the lead guitar could use a little nicer tone. But that's just my opinion. It could be my lousy headphones too. LOL

Keep it up!!

Good intro. Rather slow, and then when it kicked into the next part it wasn't what I was expecting, I'll say that much. Nice 4/4 then 3/4 riff.

The arpeggios are good, but get a little boring. The playing is reasonably clean, so props for good playing.

Nice next riff, although when the drums kicked in I was slightly dissappointed, as it sounded like it was leading up to an uber-heavy breakdown. Still good though.

Some really nice solo licks, I quite liked those. Phrygian Dominant?

Good job bringing it down, then bringing it back in with the drums. Also nice off-beat sounding drums.

Nice work on having the bass doing other things under the guitar. Implying chords would that be?

Nice little solo lick thingy, and good lead-in to the solo.

The solo was pretty good, not too wanky, had quite a few nice notes. If I had to say anything I'd say maybe some vibrato, as I can hear very little vibrato in there.

Cool solo thing over the breakdown type riff. Fairly clean notes which is quite impressive for the speed you're playing them at.

Nice riff after that, doesn't get too repetetive either.

Cool outro riff, and nice little solo thing over the top too.

Well that might not have been the most helpful critique ever. Sorry but I couldn't really think of much to say, just that it sounds cool. I don't know if I like it or not, and I can't really explain why. Sorry but my brain's kinda dead at the moment. Hope this helped you a bit.
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Thanks to all critics!

I used the minor harmonic for those 2 mini solos, in case you wanna know
Nice playing & writing dude. Some nice riffs & liked the gutir tones!
I was honestly waiting for a section or solo to like really jump out & grab you by the face. LOL But all in all, it was a very well crafted & played piece. Had somewhat of a soundtrack feel to it I think.
rating from me. LOL