performance.. so, some of us are born and naturally can perform in front of people.. others can not, I am one who can't. Has anyone else been really scared to play a song, sing, or anything in front of anyone and overcame it? could you help me and tell me how you worked on it? when i play something in front of someone my hands get all tremble-y and everything, no matter how much i know the song.. it's the worst with singing.. can anyone help me? or at least give me some pointers?
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The more you do it, the more youll become familiar with it. I used to be nervous playing with a 50 someodd peice band, but now Im screaming solos with a combo of 5 people
Well for one, practice until everything is second nature, like so you don't have to focus on playing guitar/singing. Try and like talk to someone when your playing the part, and sing in the car. Practice in front of a mirror, and then in front of friends and family. It'll come, its not impossible man.

Just depends how bad you want it. If you want it a lot, you'll figure it out.
You just do it. You get over it eventually. Find people that wont judge you to much, and sing / play for them.
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I was the same way (and still am somewhat) and the only thing you can really do is keep performing and you'll get over it in time. Try to perform at every chance you can, even if you don't want to or are too scared to. Also, don't be afraid to fail. You are going to mess up or play crappy at some point and instead of getting worked up about it, use it as a learning experience and move on.
Also, if you mess up badly on stage, instead of getting worked up over it, try and looking at it from a humorous perspective. Laugh it off or maybe even make a joke about it sometime during the show. It shows the audience that you're not taking yourself too seriously and you come off as more of a human then an unreachable figure on a platform. People will care for you and if they like you will more often then not give you the benefit of the doubt. Hope that helps.