i wanna get a seven string.
I really like experimenting around with sound and i think a 7 string would be a great experimental thing for me. And plus id love to be able to do a change of seasons .=]

if i could i would grab the Steve Vai signature 7string
but i dont have 1,999 bucks to give away.

Should i grab the Ibanez s7? its got some prettty good reviews

This is something to look into, Agiles have a really good rep. Granted the EMG's may not be to your liking, but hey it's only $600, plus you could always just email agile and ask for an OFR, it wouldn't be too much more (maybe 50-100 dollars). There are models that are string-thru too, if you don't want a trem.
get a Washburn WG-587

I think thats what it's called.

It's very inexpensive
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Ibanez RG7321. Awesome guitar, great price.


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I've played a few, REALLY want one. Like REALLY bad. But b/c I'm in jazz band it has to wait, as that extra string would get in the way .

Weren't sevens created for Jazz? :P
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Check out schecter 7 strings, the Loomis signature model plays better than any Ibanez i have ever played
It depends what sorta price range you're looking into, the lower price range is dominated by the RG7321 and Schecter omen models really. Mid range starts to include the Ibanez S7320 and RG1527, upper mid is more of your schecter c-7 range like the hellraiser, blackjack and Loomis etc.

Then you get your sigs etc like the JP-7 and UV's. But i really recommend that you get out there and play a couple of models just to get an idea of what you want, like trem, baritone scale, actives/passives etc. There are a lot more features to consider when your looking into ERG instruments really.

If you can give some more specifics like budget, specs etc then we can narrow the options down for you
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Yes but I have enough trouble with the chords as it is, even thinking about throwing another string into the mix makes my head explode

If anything it makes it easier. More chord shapes are possible on 7strings than 6's.
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Schecter Omen 7 is actually an awesome guitar for it's price. The pickups are...mediocre, at best, but it plays like an angel.
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i heard that there is this legion..and they like 7's

and check out the ibanez rg7321 if you want cheap!

great, great, GREAT guitar for the cash and really easily upgradeable with new pickups, parts and paint jobs always available.
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