Hey guys. I checked out some marshal 412 cabs with my 61' Bandmaster today and I found some interesting things out. The first cab I checked out was a new MG100DFX and was not as steller as the Jensen speaker in my hotrod that I have been using. then I saw a Marshall Lead slanted cab (used) I plugged in the bandmaster and it sounded really nice and very clean (exactly what I'm looking for). The only issue I noticed with both cabs was that the vibrato channel was not producing vibrato. Both cabs I tried had an Impedance of 8 ohms, could the impedance of the cabs have something to do with the vibrato not working? I really need to know why its not working because if there is a fix I will definitely get the lead cab its made in England and it is loaded with Celestion speakers.
Much better choice then the MG.
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if u like ur jensens and wanna save some money get the upgraded behringer cab. i kno i'll get sh** for just suggesting behringer but the cab is just an enclosure with jensen speakers in it. anyone whose ever had it with a decent head has found it to sound very nice. i think impedence is 8ohms.
I like my jensens but for this amp I'm wanting a cleaner sound so I'm going for Celestions man. I got the hotrod for the Jensen sound but i wanna play my bandmaster through celestions. But does anyone know why the Vibrato wasn't working?
that doesn't sound like a cab issue man. The impedance shouldn't affect anything as long as you are matching it correctly with the head and cab.
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