Alright, so, right now, my recording set up is me playing my guitar through my amp, and recording it onto my laptop with a crappy (I seriously think I could make a microphone better than this one for $1.50, it's so cheap and flimsy) microphone.

I'm serious about my music (I'm planning on going <well, trying to> to Berklee and doing everything I can before/while/after there to get out and recording professionally), so I need a good set up to record me/my bands with.

But I have no clue about recording hardware.

I was wondering if you all could suggest some good, but cheap (I work for minimum wage lol) hardware. It doesn't have to be perfectly portable, but it'd be awesome if it isn't ridiculously hard to move.

Also, tips on recording and the like, or anything else you want to suggest would be appreciated. Thanks. =)
Well, to start off with you need a decent mic, I always recomend the Shure Sm57. It's a great clean dynamic mic that is used everywhere. A new one sells for only $99 USD, and you may be able to find a cheaper one used.
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to put it simply, you get what you pay or in the recording world. If you are serious, save up and buy a firewire interface, good monitors, microphones, etc.
Thanks for the quick replies and the suggestion. lol
I went to musiciansfriend.com and looked through some mics, and the Sm57 looks very solid, especially put up against other mics in that price range.

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to put it simply, you get what you pay or in the recording world. If you are serious, save up and buy a firewire interface, good monitors, microphones, etc.

What exactly is a firewire interface? I wasn't exaggerating when I said I have no clue about this stuff. lol
And, I of course want good quality stuff. It's just that I can't afford 500$ for each item, you know? lol
The SM57 and 58 are very similar and the only major difference is the pop filter which is fitted on the 58. The 57 is a nice overall use mic in the studio. It's something everyone should have IMO.

As for gear, I suggest the PreSonus FP10 which runs around $400 new but if you are on a tight budget, the Mackie Onyx Satellite firewire interface will do fine as well. It's just that you loose a lot of inputs with the Mackie...

Look though Tweak's Guide which is linked in my sig. I'm sure you will find it very helpful.

An interface is a piece of hardware made for audio recording and playback. It bypasses your stock sound card, (which gives crud results when it comes to recording as you know...) and will give preamps, XLR/TRS inputs, more outputs, and will improve your overall sound as well as allow you to run higher end audio recording programs such as Sonar.
Interfaces come in Firewire (most popular these days), USB 1.1 (old tech.), and USB 2.0 (better but still limited).

More info on interfaces:

I dont like how they call it a sound card....but hey, it's not my site...

PreSonus is a good brand to stick with for audio interfaces, that and E-MU and M-Audio. Don't cheap out on the mic and interface. Both play a huge role in audio quality. If you plan on micing an acoustic drums set, get an 8 input interfaces like the FP10. You can find them used on ebay for a nice price since the newer Firestudio Project came out.
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