so I've looked into slap guitar recently, and tapping is often used,

but my tapped note tends to sound sharp, or at least, sounds like 2 notes simultaneously(one in tune one sharp) .

What can I do to eliminate that? Is it technique? gauge of the strings? my guitar?
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sounds like 2 notes simultaneously

Are you just tapping with your dominant hand alone? (not using the other) It might be technique so I'd recommend looking up some lessons.
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I know when you tap on an acoustic you hear two notes because the string vibrates either side of your finger, are you playing unplugged or on an acoustic? If so that's the reason
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It's a combination of intonation and that the string vibrates on both sides of the tapped fret.

Intonation means that your guitar is set up so that the frets don't produce the intervals they are supposed to, and I think you can get that fixed by a technician at the music store, but I'm not sure if it's fixable on acoustics.

You can control the extra tone when tapping on an acoustic as you practice more. It's just a combination of improving your technique and learning to mute, you'll get the hang of it and become more precise eventually.
ok, this is a super late reply, but i have a relevant question.

do you guys think clip-on pickups work well?

I only have an acoustic guitar, but for this past year, I've been practicing percussive fingerstyle. And I've come to realize that tapping on a pure acoustic guitar isn't all that practical, so, should I get one of those pickups or an acoustic-electric guitar? trying to save money here, but don't want to make bad investments.