Does anyone know of any herbal treatment/thingy I can use to help quell my anxiety disorder?
Breathing deep can work, but the thing is, when I'm having an attack, I'm in an irrational state of mind, therefore, I think it's not gonna work, so I don't do it.

Anyways, I read about Kava, but then I looked on Erowid, and found out that Health Canada like banned it or some crap, so I need another idea.

Like a tea, or something. Thanks.

google it, it's brilliant. There are also some great drops that work. My friend has let me borrow them a few times, you just put like three or four under your tongue and it just floats away. Don't think you're alone in this, I've been there man, just not recently. THat should give you a bit of confidence, I've been attack free for almost two months now. Just keep fighting, and you'll get a handle on it. Go to your local Whole Foods and ask them, they'll hook you up with a bunch of great ideas.
Ahh, I'd love to try out a new form of Terapy session thing, but I'm just 16, and I'm already in therapy to learn to cope with being around people, which bascially helps out my social anxiety, but the guy I go to is the one who taught me breathing techniques.

I'll go to Shopper Drug Mart tomorrow to try and see if they have somethign in the herbal section, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas before i went tomorrow.